Post-16 Open Day Visits

Recently 20 Year 13 students took time out of their busy weekends to visit university open days at Newcastle, Northumbria, Liverpool and Manchester Met. This was an excellent chance gain an insight into what studying at university would look like, to meet with lecturers and experience the sights and sounds of campus life, including a visit to available accommodation as they look to make their choices to study next year. Here are some of their stories of the visits.

“I really enjoyed the trip to Newcastle. Not only did I get to look around The University of Newcastle, I was able to see the city from a student perspective as I viewed the university independently. It was a good opportunity for me as I know that I wouldn’t have been able to visit the university if it wasn’t for the school, I also wouldn’t have known the importance of a university open day. We assume that an open day just shows you around the university but it doesn’t, it gives you an idea of where you quite possibly could be living in the year to come, from the bathroom facilities to the city itself.

The meal afterwards allowed us to see the city, and its atmosphere. It was also a nice treat as it just topped off a good day out. I would highly recommend any prospective undergraduate student look around all five of their university options as the place you are hoping to study might not be what you understand from a few pictures from Google.” (Rickishe Taylor)

Post-16 Open Day Visits

“On Saturday 13th September, myself and a group of my peers set out for an exciting, educational and hilarious trip to Newcastle and Northumbria Universities. I was pleased to be going on the trip as it allowed me to view and taste just for a few hours what university life was like. From the accommodation tours to the subject fair, everything there was worthwhile, even just walking around the campus was an enjoyable experience. Entering a city I’d never been to before was a slightly intimidating prospect, however it was made easier knowing that we had the fabulous Mr Hinsley with us to help if we got a bit lost. Being there definitely made us realise that visiting the Universities is crucial when picking your options. Thank you Scott for being amazing and arranging these trips for us, we definitely need them!”(Jessica Smith)

Visiting Manchester Met was interesting because it was a new experience which informed us on subjects we wanted to study. We expected the university to be very formal but when we arrived we discovered that it was very homely and welcoming. The staff and students were very helpful and gave us useful information on the courses we wanted to do. The information which the staff gave us made us feel a lot more confident about attending university next year. Overall it was a really good day and made me re-think about the university I wanted to attend. (Lauren Flanagan)Post-16 Open Day Visits 2

“The trip to the universities was absolutely fantastic. First of all actually being there, we got to experience the atmosphere and surroundings as well as getting a unique feel of how it would be living there for the upcoming year. Also as it was an open day, so we got to enter lectures of our chosen courses. This was good, especially for me as I decided if I really want to choose the course as a degree! Furthermore it was very convenient as we got dropped off to the university as well as picked up at the end of the day. This was extremely helpful, and I just want to personally thank Mr Hinsley for taking his time out on a weekend to do this for us because no one else did. We all really appreciate it, and it helped massively! Thankyou!” (Omayya Ali)

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