Academy student, Coral Batey plays wheelchair rugby for Great Britain

Coral Batey Wheelchair Rugby

My name is Coral Batey.   I am 18 years of age and currently in the GB Squad playing Wheelchair Rugby which many people will know as “Muderball.”

We currently train once a month at Leicester in preparation for a range of cvompetitions.   I will be travelling to loads of different locations around the world, including Canada in January and Germany in April.

Rugby is a contact wheelchair sport in which there are four players a side,  mixed gender  and all players have to be disabled with all 4  limbs effected to be able to play at international level.  In Wheelchair Rugby everybody has a vital role to play on the court. A goal is scored when a player carries the ball across the goal line; Games are played over 4 x 8 minute quarters and managed by 2 referees and 4 table officials.

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