House Restructure

As a result of growth in numbers from primary through to post 16, we have decided to restructure our house system. The purpose of this letter is to explain the reasons for the restructure, the implications for your child/ren and to invite you to give your feedback about our plans.

You will be aware that we currently have four houses. As we embrace the growth of recent years both with our All-Through provision and our ever growing successful post-16 provision we believe that we can best serve the needs of all our students if we increase the number of houses to six. Smaller houses will ensure that house based activities such as competition, assemblies, community singing and house carousel remain small enough so that the personalised approach results in our students feeling part of a family unit within the academy.  It also means that home teams can remain small enough to ensure quality discussions about progress (i.e. TRAIL sessions) and Progress Update Review (PUR) is not compromised.

As a result of the restructure about 30% of students will move from existing Learning Guides to new Learning Guides. This will provide us with an opportunity to address the imbalance of some home teams.

In preparation for these changes we will be consulting with house representatives in the next few weeks so that they are able to both contribute to the restructure and communicate the changes to the student community.

There is also an opportunity for you to be involved in this exciting change either by attending a meeting on Wednesday 11 June at 3.30pm or by completing the House contact form which can be found in the Parent’s section of our website under “House”. Please address your comments on the reorganisation to Brad Moxon, Director of House.

In recreating new home teams we will:

  • Keep the current year 9 and 10 students with their current Learning Guide where relationships have been built with the Learning Guide since year 7.
  • Where students are moved, siblings will be moved with them so that youstill have a single point of contact.
  • Ensure students with specific needs remain with their current Learning Guide if possible.

All changes to the house system will be implemented at the start of the next academic year (2014-15). You will be informed of the changes specific to your child at the PUR evening on Thursday 26 June so that you have an opportunity to talk through any issues with the current Learning Guide and Head of House.

We will also provide information on the arrangements for ties as some students will need a new house tie to reflect the change.

I am sure you will appreciate that a change of this magnitude may result in some turbulence for students, parents/carers and learning guides. We ask that once you have the specific information relating to your child at PUR and you have had the opportunity to process this information.

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