Year 12 Option Blocks September 2015

Below are the final blocks for the Year 12 offers for September 2015.  Any students who wish to make changes or have any queries should please contact Mr Howard on

Option A Option B Option C Option D Option E
Art & Design Biology English Language Biology GCSE English
Chemistry (2) English Literature History ICT GCSE Mathematics
ICT Mathematics ICT History Further Maths
Religious Studies Sociology Physics Mathematics Entitlement
BTEC Applied Science (Double)

BTEC Applied Science


Psychology Core Mathematics
BTEC Business Studies (Single) BTEC Business Studies (Single) Sociology Psychology
BTEC Child Development (Single) BTEC Business Studies (Double) BTEC Applied Science (Single) BTEC Dance (Single)  
BTEC Health & Social Care (Single)

BTEC Health and Social Care


BTEC Music (Single) BTEC Health & Social Care (Single)
BTEC Sports Studies (Single) BTEC Performing Arts (Single)
  • Art & Design – students need to select provisional endorsement



Level 2 Blocks

Option A Option B
Applied Science Art & Design
Business & Administration Health & Social Care
Travel and Tourism ICT


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