Bradford Academy supports Bradford City

To honour the memory of the people who lost their lives in the Bradford City stadium fire and as a sign of support for their families and survivors, learners were encouraged to display the claret and amber colours beneath their blazers today.
Bradford Academy has today supported the Bradford Burns Unit by asking staff and students of the Academy to donate 50p to the cause. Pupils and staff were also encouraged to proudly wear the Bradford City colours alongside their Bradford Academy uniforms.
On 11th May 1985, Bradford City’s Valley Parade stadium suffered what many consider to be the worst fire disaster in British football history.
During the match against Lincoln City F.C., a small fire in the main stand quickly spread into an inferno which engulfed the main stand, trapping many fans in their seats as a mass panic developed.
Even though this was a day of great tragedy which saw 56 people lose their lives and at least 250 people injured, it was also a day in which the heroism of many other fans saved many more lives.
Please join us in showing your support by making a donation.

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