Vivos & Nando’s

Vivos and Nandos

Twelve of Bradford Academy’s top Vivo earners were treated to a meal at Bradford Nandos last week to celebrate their achievement.
Along with the heads of the six houses, the learners were whisked away to the restaurant on Wednesday 11th May to enjoy an afternoon of peri-peri chicken.
The learners were selected based on the number of Vivo points they had accumulated between the Christmas and Easter holidays. The top three from each house were invited to the occasion as an additional reward.
The Vivo system is used across the school to recognise and reward learners for upholding the Academy Values Contract. Learners can earn Vivo points for things such as ‘Attending Electives’, making ‘Significant Progress’ in class and ‘Community Contribution’. Vivo points can then be exchanged for prizes like shopping vouchers, pens and sporting equipment.
One of the learners who went on the trip said: “I loved going to Nandos with school as it was a great experience for us all. Not only did I feel like I was getting an extra reward, it also meant I could make new friends from different houses and year groups.”
Dave Fox, who leads the Vivo initiative and is also head of Hawking house, said: “It’s extremely important for all learners to be rewarded for having a positive attitude towards school. An additional incentive, such as a meal at Nandos, is also going to give it that air of friendly rivalry.”

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