From Bradford to London with Year 8

From Bradford to London with Year 8

By Dasha and Haseeb – Year 10

On the 13th June, a two day educational trip was held for selected learners in year 8. A total of 40 Bradford Academy learners embarked on the trip to London where they engaged in several varied activities and events.

Although the trip’s main focus was the upcoming and past Olympic Games – as this had been their subject in Core lessons – learners not only visited the Olympic stadium, they also got to spend time in our country’s capital and make the most of what it has to offer.

One of the highlights was spending their evening watching the musical ‘Wicked’. They also visited the National History Museum, Planet Hollywood and took a boat ride down the River Thames.

The trip had been excitedly anticipated by the learners for several weeks before it commenced, due to it being such a special educational event. It was a huge success with both leaners and staff.

One of the students admitted that they had initially been drawn by the idea of having two days away from school but then said: “I enjoyed the restaurant a lot and we saw dinosaurs in the museum which looked really cool and realistic. The two days were great. Even though it rained most of the time, the weather didn’t ruin it.”

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