Freshers for a Day

Freshers for a Day

By Hoa – Year 8

On 16th June, 10 learners were given the opportunity to experience studying English at university, with a trip to the University of Leeds.

All in Year 10, the learners were selected due to their success and hard work in the recent debating competition last half term. It was a great chance for learners to find a motivation to push further into the world of education. The trip acted as one of the ways to understand that there is a path to pursue for learners deeply interested in continuing to study past secondary school.

There was a lecture from one of the university’s senior lecturers and the students also participated in morning seminars. Both gave a useful insight into what it is like studying English and Theatre Studies at a university.

The Shakespeare Literature seminar, looked at analysing extracts from one of Shakespeare’s comedies (Midsummer Night’s Dream), discussing character development and adaptations to stage productions. The Theatre Studies workshop was focused on some miming activities to build on expression with the audience. In both cases, our learners flourished and proudly showcased their abilities.

Organised by Miss Stratford, teacher of English, the trip highlighted further that university experiences are an excellent way to inspire young people. These visits are expected to continue to open up a pathway to others who may or may not have considered university as an option for their future.

Leeds Uni Trip

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