Year 7 Camp

The week before the summer half term (23rd-26th May), around a hundred learners from year 7 were taken on a camping experience to Blackhills Scout Camp, Bradford.

The annual trip allows the young learners to further develop relationships, be more independent and enjoy new experiences.

Over the two-day period, learners took part in a range of outdoor activities such as orienteering, tightrope walking and campfire making.

“It was really fun even though it kept on raining!” said one of the learners. “My favourite part was the camp fire because we got to sit around telling jokes and singing.”

Jodie Bates, Year 7 lead, commented: “It is a really important part of the year because it allows us to see how the learners have matured and developed. They get to use many of the skills they have learned in Core in a completely different environment.”

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