Bradford Academy Work Out

Bradford Academy Work Out

By Hoa – Year 8

‘When are we ever going to use Maths in the real world?’ is often a topic of discussion in Year 8. The maths department decided to answer the problem once and for all last week with Maths’ first trip in eight years.

Supported by the Sky Sports Living for Sport programme, which aims to develop students’ lives through sport, acting as a key part of the Sky Academy, the trip initially sparked confusion amongst our learners, as it wasn’t clear how meeting Thai-boxing world champion was relevant. However, upon their arrival in Harrogate, the learners were surprised at how Maths had contributed to Rachael Mackenzie’s lifetime achievements within sport, which includes a recently gained British boxing championship.

The 28 learners investigated a carousel of scenarios that Rachael faces on a regular basis. They had to solve mathematical problems based on formulae that they had been provided with and a card that was comprised of vital details of a boxer they had been assigned: their age, weight and body fat measurements. Illustrating their ability to tackle difficult real life problems using maths, the students impressed with their calculations and participated well.

The carousel consisted of subjects that could potentially evolve from such a small amount of information, such as: finding the percentage of body fat, creating graphs from timings, creating an entire schedule for their athlete and calculating nutrition. Speaking of nutrition, the learners also enjoyed a great meal at Nando’s afterwards.

Freddie Marshall, teacher of maths, who organised the trip said: “The trip gave our learners an opportunity to use Maths in context. They came away from the day understanding that it isn’t just those randomly arranged letters and numbers after all!”

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