Duke of Edinburgh Award for Year 12

Year 12 learners completed their expedition of their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh award earlier this month with a trek from Shipley to Ilkley.

On Sunday 10th July, the 11 learners independently navigated their way from Shipley to Sconce campsite in Baildon. Lasting around eight hours, they did get lost a couple of times but successfully completed the first half of the walk in the challenging English weather. They spent the Sunday evening putting up their tents and cooking dinner on a Trangia stove.

The second day was more successful with the walk from Baildon to Ilkley lasting around six hours.

Since September, the group have been working on their award during their Entitlement hour. Each week they have prepared for this expedition (and a practice one earlier in the year) looking at navigation, cooking, first aid and kit lists. They have also sorted the three sections they have to evidence: physical activity, volunteering and a skill for a set period of time.

They successfully completed the award last week with group presentations about their observations on the countryside and where they walked.

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