Year 12 Take Two Trips

Year 12 Take Two Trips

Last week, Year 12 learners experienced workshops and networking at two of the biggest international accountancy firms.

Organised by Teach First, the business professionals got the learners to think seriously about their futures and give them an insight into university and apprenticeship options following school.

On Monday 4th July, five of the learners went with Emma Stratford to the KPMG offices in Leeds where they were given an introductory talk to Teach First and KPMG. This was followed by two competency workshops focusing on team work skills and problem solving skills. They were also given an insight into the life of KPMG employees through a panel event.

Following this, on Thursday 7th July, a further 10 learners attended the regional headquarters for Ernst and Young at Bridgewater Place in Leeds. They engaged with activities which looked at the necessary transferable skills to succeed in both education and the work place. They studied CVs, case studies and learned how to manage their weaknesses before preparing a marketing presentation based on the previous tasks.

Jon Harrison, Teacher of Business, said: “Both group of learners presented themselves and Bradford Academy wonderfully. From their arrival at buildings that looks like a Dalek (Bridgewater Place), they were an asset to the school. Some of them asked some really insightful questions and clearly got a lot out of the events. The visit raised their aspirations and galvanised their dreams of making it in the business world.”


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