Living History

Living History

By Dasha – Year 10

Bradford Academy took over 30 history students to Poland at the beginning of July. The journey began on the evening of Tuesday 5th July, when the students and teachers travelled to Robin Hood airport to fly to Krakow.

The next few days were filled with learning new things and revisiting facts the students had learned within the class room. As well as this however, the trip was eye opening and tugged at each and every persons’ emotions, especially when visiting Auschwitz and Birkenau concentration camps. Being able to walk around these contrasting camps and see what is left of the life and suffering which had been there only 70 years before, really put a realisation into place which could not have been done through books, films or PowerPoint slides.

The students also went into more depth of the history of Krakow and their surroundings, which all linked to Jewish life and how it had been changed completely due to Hitler. As well as the two concentration camps, some places visited were: a synagogue, different memorials and statues in memory of those who passed away, Wawel castle and a salt mine.

Each evening, everyone was also given a chance to explore ordinary Polish life by being given free time around the town square, where the streets where lined with beautifully coloured buildings containing Polish food and culture. Live music of different genres could be heard around every corner, which furthermore brought the town’s atmosphere into perspective.

Exhausted from a full day of exploring, the students and teachers returned to Bradford late Saturday night with a very clear memory of what they had witnessed and learned whilst on the trip. A trip which is sure to stay within them for a very long time.

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