The Reality of Auschwitz

The Reality of Auschwitz

This week, history students from Year 9 to Year 12 were visited by Holocaust survivor, Iby Knill, before departing on their trip to Poland the following day.

Mrs. Knill, aged 92, told her story of being taken to Auschwitz-Birkenau camp in Poland in June 1944.

There were many harrowing details which clearly shocked the group but Mrs. Knill delivered the stories with honesty and full of personality, “They told us we were free, and we discovered the day was Easter Sunday; any day is good to be liberated but it was extra special on Easter Sunday.”

Steve Walker, who arranged the visit, said: “Iby Knill is living history and her life after Auschwitz is a victory over hatred, ignorance and intolerance. For the 31 learners travelling to Auschwitz, she has given a human face to the facts and figures they will encounter.”


Iby Knill Visit

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