Year 10 Geographers Go East

On Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, GCSE geographers went on a trip to the east coast to collate primary data for their controlled assessments.

The groups were studying how the stretch of coastline is managed. They began in the morning looking at the impact of the rock armour groyne at Mappleton. They then moved on to Hornsea to consider the impact and effectiveness of groynes, sea walls, revetments and rock armour as well as looking of evidence of longshore drift be carrying out a groyne profile. Finally, they travelled up to Runswick Bay, on the Flamborough peninsula, to see the coastal features they have studied in the classroom.

Simon Wells, subject leader of Geography, commented: “It’s really important for our learners to collect their data but it’s also really enjoyable as it brings the classroom to life. It’s hard to truly understand something like longshore drift until you see it for yourself. The learners all had a good time and the wonderful weather helped as well!”

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