Bradford Academy Celebrates Post-16 Results

Bradford Academy Post-16 saw another year of consistently excellent results with over two thirds of students receiving the highest grades in at least one of their subjects. This demonstrates an outstanding performance from a Sixth Form which prides itself on its inclusiveness and comprehensive intake.

The outcomes for our vocational courses are especially notable with two thirds (69%) of all results achieving the highest level of Distinction* or Distinction. This shows our commitment to providing a high class establishment and to enhancing opportunities for all.

Three quarters (75%) of our Post-16 leavers have progressed to continue their academic study at a range of universities from Middlesex to Cumbria via Leicester amongst others.

Four students have progressed to prestigious Russell Group universities; Imaan Labad studying History at Newcastle University, Amil Ahmed studying Criminology at University of York, Awais Siddique studying Biochemistry University of Leeds and Charlie Arnold studying Chemistry at the University of York. Charlie in particular stands out with three A grades in academic A-Levels.

This is just a sample of the range of excellent results and recognises the exceptional hard work of our students, the support of their families and the dedication of our teachers. It is with great pride that Bradford Academy would like to congratulate and wish our students every success in their future endeavours.

Post 16

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