School Closure 15th and 16th September 2016

Due to a technical fault with the fire evacuation system we have unfortunately had to close the Academy today.

The Academy was evacuated safely but it was judged to be unsafe for the learners and staff to return.  In this situation, dismissal can only be with parental consent or if the learner is accompanied.  A supervised dismissal is a lengthy process but, as you will appreciate, is essential.

Parents were alerted by text message and learners were permitted to leave with parents in the first instance.

Following this, staff made every effort to speak with parents and carers over the phone to confirm they were happy for their child to leave the Academy premises safely without an adult.

We thank parents and learners for their understanding and patience

The Academy will also be closed tomorrow, Friday 16th September so that repairs can be carried out. It will reopen as normal on Monday 19th September for all learners.

We will be open on Saturday 17th September for the Open Day.

If you have any further queries, please contact the school directly.

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