BA Showcase Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night

By Hoa – Year 9

For the sixth time Bradford Academy has partaken in the Shakespeare Schools Festival, performing Twelfth Night at the Carriageworks in Leeds last week.

Year 10 Performing Arts students remodelled Shakespeare’s iconic masterpieces adapting it into a modern sketch while still retaining the storyline and essence of Shakespearean language.

As part of the festival, the learners took part in a workshop working with professional actors and directors from the Royal National Theatre. A three hour session was allotted to the learners to delve into their roles to build a character picture in their minds: body language and line delivery were prominent subjects to be explored to suit certain characters.

With four schools participating on the night, the Carriageworks in Leeds made for a fantastic venue to showcase the learners’ hard work, alongside a wide variety of background and experience. Every one of the learners relished the opportunity to work in a professional theatre and at the standard expected in real companies.

As the final performance of the evening, the students lived up to the expectations, with a brilliant performance. The Shakespeare Festival directors praised them highly for their vision and assured timing.

Nadine Hirst, Director of Personalised Learning for Performing Arts, said: “We were extremely moved and proud that the Shakespeare Schools Festival allowed us to dedicate the evening to Gareth Dawkins. He was passionate about the performing arts and especially the Shakespeare Festival that he saw as a benchmark of what our very talented learners can achieve in drama.”





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