Biology in Blencathra

By Dasha – Year 11

A four-day biology trip to Blencathra Field Studies Centre last half term had year 13 students furthering their knowledge about techniques used by ecologists.

The trip to the heart of the Lake District had them not only exploring topics they had covered in class, but also learning new things and being able to do practicals like nothing they had experienced within the classroom. Although all forms of science requires great note taking and method writing, the trip was mostly practical-based and even gave the students an opportunity to complete two of their required practicals whilst there.

Some of the studies the learners carried out were:

  • investigating succession at a sand dune, and how plant species change over the course of succession;
  • investigating the invertebrates in a riffle and pool (stream study);
  • choice chamber investigation using shrimp they had caught in the stream study;
  • a rocky shore study.

Megan Hinnegan, head of KS5 Science, said: “The trip greatly improved their knowledge of methods of investigation and the use of statistics to analyse date and support or reject a null hypothesis. It’s really important at this stage in education to get experiences outside of the classroom.”

science trip

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