Bradford Academy Scholars Attend Durham University

By Hoa – Year 9

In the final week of last half term, the launch of the Scholars Programme took place with a trip to one of the top universities in the country. Durham played host to the top students in each year group with the aim of inspiring them.

The learners were selected based on their academic excellence as well as having an outstanding attitude to learning. And students with such diligence have high chances of being funded for their studies from places like Heritage RESP and easing their financial burden. The trip was arranged so the details of the programme could be unveiled and stir excitement about their futures.

With a motivating speech from Dr Margaret Masson, the principal of St Chad’s College at Durham University, and congratulations from Tehmina Hashmi, Principal of Bradford Academy, the programme was underway.

The trip to Durham itself consisted of a tour of the cathedral, led by Post 16 scholars, as well as a tour of Durham Castle by a member of the university. Both are World Heritage sites and it was beneficial for the scholars to get a taste of a historic location. The launch of the programme was a success, and started to ignite the thoughts of some minds about what happens after secondary school education.

Learners will be guided primarily by either Freddie Marshall, working with Key Stage 3; Miss Stratford, working with Key Stage 4; or Naureen Aslam, working with Key Stage 5.

The scholars will partake in activities and trips that boost their understanding of the three main strands: culture, leadership and aspiration. In addition, there will be regular sessions where the scholars will reflect on their development throughout the programme and how they could possibly strengthen not only academically, but also in other areas of interest – for example music and art.


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