Year 7 and Yorkshire


By Hoa – Year 9

Last half term, Year 7 Core took a trip to York, a fascinating city at the heart of Yorkshire. The focus of group’s learning last half term was Yorkshire’s origins, so the trip was a culmination of all their hard work and allowed them to apply their learning.

Throughout the half term they had completed work around maps, how the county has changed over three different periods in time and descriptive writing, outlining the beauty of the landscape, culture and dialect Yorkshire boasts.

The trip was enviably crammed with heritage, history and remarkable architecture from across time. The learners on the trip were given the experience of being at some of the most iconic sites in Europe. These included the Shambles, a medieval street that historically acted as a livestock market, as well as the York Minster, a cathedral that takes centre stage in many notable events in Britain’s past. The time spent in the Yorkshire Museum particularly, allowed the learners to really understand the historical journey of their county.

Jodie Bates, leader of Year 7 Core, explained how the trip not only brought their learning to life, but was also a step to help with their work: “Their final project was to create their own museum based on the ice age. They used what they saw in York to supplement this and organise their own museum experiences effectively.”

The topic was a success, as was the trip, and the sense of knowing who we are today because of how Yorkshire has developed has meant the benefits to Year 7 were plentiful.IMG_2135


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