Peace, Equality and Democracy

By Hoa – Year 9

For the past six months, ten learners at Bradford Academy have participated in a programme to raise awareness about the importance of integration in society as well as strengthening their ability to combat against hate. Led by Pastoral’s Salma Sharif, the programme promotes the principles of peace, equality and democracy.

Last month, the learners attended a peace conference titled “Don’t Hate, Educate”. The conference acted as a way for the students to meet like-minded individuals who see the world in the same way they do: a world that has a need for peace to be created, a world that should be above social prejudice.

The students performed a spoken piece based around the stories and stereotypes that members of the public hold above teenage heads, before highlighting the way they would prefer to be viewed by their unfair critics. Their presentation was well-received by the adults in attendance.

After the conference, the students went on a residential to Warrington, where they further explored different ways that certain groups of people were being targeted for abuse. They were exposed to how people were being drawn to terrorist groups in London and the learners were engrossed in various activities to help them become better civilians.

Hosaam, one of the learners who took part, said that the conference was “useful to help [them] believe in better.”

Most recently, the students took part in the Rosa Parks Symposium at the University of Bradford, where they discussed ways to promote inclusion, respect and diversity amongst the chaos that certain issues have caused in the past year.

The end goal is for the learners to become peace mentors for other learners in school. It is a huge responsibility they have all been given and they deserve credit for their representation of Bradford Academy on the programme.

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