Surviving the Past

By Dasha – Year 11

This half term, Bradford Academy took two groups of students on two separate trips to the Thackray Medical Museum in Leeds.

The museum is popular with schools as well as the general public as it provides information in a fun learning environment that allows everyone to engage and learn about illnesses and cures throughout the ages.

The first trip was part of the Level 3 Health and Social Care qualification. At the beginning of November, 27 learners were taken to further develop their knowledge of how health has changed over the years and what advancements in medicine have taken place. The museum offered the students a hands-on view of what it would have been like that allowed them a physical experience of what 19th century London was like.

Layla Azeez, Subject Leader for Health and Social Care, commented: “This trip was very helpful for the students to be able to complete their coursework about how the features of public health have changed from the 19th century to the 21st century.”

Later on in November, Bradford Academy Scholars also went to the museum to see the developments of medicine through time as it is a topic that is easy to relate to various parts of the curriculum. This trip was more experiential and learners were allowed to focus on areas that most interested them. One of the favourite parts of the museum was a realistic Victorian street which learners were able to walk through (and smell) in a bid to find out if their chosen character survived their illness.

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