Crime and Punishment

Learners from Year 13 Sociology and Psychology classes went to The Dana prison at the end of January to get a realistic view of prison life while studying crime and deviance.

Their current topic of study expects students to understand a range of punishment, how effective this is and how this form of punishment rehabilitates criminals. They learnt about the different rehabilitation programmes prisons have in place such as building rail tracks to then get a job with Northern Rail if successful.

It was also an opportunity to get an insight from someone who works in a prison. They had a two hour tour with a prison officer who had worked there for 38 years before it closed down. He took them through both wings of the prison and told them stories from when he worked there. He had tales of the medical centre, the exercise yard, the chapel, the visiting room and then a room where, up until 1969, they would hang people.

Jodie Bates, teacher of Sociology, said: “The benefit was to get a realistic view into life in prison as we have found previously students do not have this and believe prison is an easy option. A lot of our learners were quite shocked by what they saw and the stories they heard.”

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