New to England, New to English

By Konika – Year 9

Throughout the academic year, a specialist team at Bradford Academy welcome and assist learners who are new to the UK to help boost their confidence and learn basic English.

Currently the team is offering some of the new admissions the opportunity to experience Bradford beyond the classroom. Listed below is the schedule of the forthcoming trips:

  • Kala Sangam and Bradford Cathedral visit
  • Bolling Hall Museum visit
  • Photography Museum visit and traditional fish and chips
  • Hollywood Bowl and burger and chips

Additionally the learners are taught the basics of the English language. This can be revisiting the Primary Curriculum or embedding skills previously taught. Learners are offered role-play situations so they can improve their speaking and listening. Skills are also provided in IT, time management, organisation skills as well as subject-specific knowledge. The team also try and introduce Bradford to the learners by offering them a range of leaflets provided by the Tourist Information to give learners an insight in to what Bradford has to offer. Working with a range of media, especially with Telegraph and Argus, to promote what Bradford has in store for the learners and their families to go and visit.

Gurjit Hayre, EAL manager, commented: “One of the most rewarding aspects of my job is to meet a learner at the entry point and to see their transition in to mainstream education. Depending on their ability and experience some EAL learners have performed extremely well and go on to university. Each learner is unique and just to see them progress and be happy and enjoy their learning experience is a wonderful sentiment to myself.”

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