Votes for Women!

_MG_6034Bradford Academy showed their support for International Women’s Day on Wednesday 8th March by holding a rally over lunch time to raise awareness of inequality in today’s society.

Home Team sessions through this week were focused on discussion of inequalities that still exist today despite the dramatic changes over the last century. Learners then created posters, placards, questionnaires, fact sheets, flyers, stickers and badges to use in the rally on the day.

Andrew Sutcliffe, head of Pankhurst house, said: “The learners rallied in the Forum and also marched around the school chanting, ‘Equal pay for equal work.’ and ‘We will fight for equal rights.’ This caused some commotion around school and I think our voice was heard. The learners were pleased to challenge some stereotypical views of women and encourage learners not involved in the march to engage in some thoughtful discussion.”








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