Scholars go Outward Bound

By Hoa – Year 9

Between 28th and 30th April, students in years 7 to 10 on the Scholars Programme took a venture to the Outward Bound Trust, an outdoor education centre in Ullswater.

Learning in a classroom can never be a full alternative to having real-life adventures in the outdoors. Adventure helps people learn more about themselves, exploring their own capabilities more than anything else.

Along with an unforgettable experience, the expedition – which consisted of lake swimming, canoeing, camping, gorge walking and various team building challenges – contributed greatly to the character building of every student involved.

The trip encouraged everybody to do something they had never done before. For some learners who were more accustomed to such environments in the Duke of Edinburgh Award, that was leading groups, encouraging them to persevere through the hardships together. For others, the realisation that they could canoe and hike without respite for hours was a defiance of the impossible.

Everyone involved gained something of some sort from the exhilarating excursion. It invariably helped to develop self-confidence, self-esteem and aided ambitions.

A long trek up a steep mountain not only provokes a sense of accomplishment, but also a newly found determination to achieve goals and fulfil every ounce of potential found within.

Survival under strict constraints seemed to bring a whole new dimension to life; it showcased how well the learners functioned as mechanisms in a team.

The Lake District is a prime example of the picturesque scenery that is somehow concealed behind the monotonous groan of English urban society. To have knowledge of the environment around us, and knowledge of ourselves, is paramount to see how gifted each one of us truly is.


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