Year 12 Trained on Destination Platform Unifrog

Year 12 learners were trained on the brilliant destinations platform Unifrog today. This programme makes it easy for students to find and apply for the best courses and apprenticeships for them. Learners were taught how to
search over 35000 university courses and apprenticeships and find information about course fees, entry requirements, job prospects and much more.
Unifrog is also an excellent tool for learners to write their personal statement on. There is guidance about how and what to write, ensuring they are given the best advice and support when writing this important section for their UCAS application. Bradford Academy have signed up with Unifrog for the first time this year, and it will benefit all our year 12 learners in planning the next stage of their education after Post 16. Already learners are talking about how easy they are finding using Unifrog and are looking forward to getting their searches started.

Unifrog is a platform designed to make searching for universities, apprenticeships, colleges, free short courses, Oxbridge courses and even Dutch universities really easy.  





Students enter their predicted grades, and Unifrog does all the hard work for you. Finding you aspirational, solid and safe courses they can apply for.





Learners can rank the courses by clicking on the buttons above, to help them make more informed choices about the universities they are interested in.

They can also use this easy filter button to  categorise courses on their distance from home or the type of course it is.

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