P16 Uniform


I would like to inform you that from August 2017 the dress code for learners in Post 16 will be changing. We have always had the expectation of business dress but we now need to be more explicit as to what that means.


Business dress effectively means a suit and can be broken down into the following items:


  • Tailored trousers/skirt/dress
    • (Grey, Black or Navy Blue)
    • Leggings can only be worn to accompany a dress or skirt as a replacement to tights.


  • Tailored jacket that matches your Tailored trousers/skirt/dress (optional)
    • (Grey, Black or Navy Blue)
    • Knitted jumpers can be worn instead of a jacket (not a sweatshirt)
  • Collared shirt/blouse/smart top
    • (plain or subtle pattern/subtle colour of choice)


  • Professional tie of choice
    • (optional for girls)


  • Smart footwear in keeping with professional dress
  • Traditional Religious attire can be worn- Plain Abaya/Jubba


  • All student must wear their lanyard with P16 Access card at all times


For clarification the following items are not allowed for either Year 12 or Year 13:

  • Shorts/cropped trousers
  • Tracksuit trousers/joggers
  • Hoodies/sweatshirt
  • Strappy/vest tops
  • Jeans/jeggings
  • Backless shoes/sandals, trainers, plimsoll styled shoes or flip flops
  • Facial piercing or extreme hair colour
  • No hats or coats to be worn in the school building


Final decisions on the appropriateness of any clothing will be at the discretion of the Director of Post 16. Please ensure you make the necessary preparations for your Post 16 uniform by the new academic year.

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