Scholars Trip – BBC Studios

We set off to BBC studios (mediacityuk) at precisely 8:45am. The coach journey took a while as we were waiting in traffic. When we arrived there we were introduced to the tour guides and they told us a little about the past of radio and television, for example, when the first programmes were shown and when the first radio and TV were made. They then took us into a radio what is still used nowadays by BBC Radio 6. We went into a room where some of us made a radio play and some of us made sound effects to go with the play. The set of match of the day was our next stop. After having something to eat we set off home. When we got the opportunity to play question of sport, Hoa had a chance to beat Bahati but he failed.  Another honourable mention was when Mr Marshall was behind with the sound effects which kind of changed the mood of the whole play.

Andrew Carver – Year 10

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