MP Imran Hussain visits Bradford Academy

School Governor Richard Arnold, Executive Principle Tehmina Hashmi, MP Imran Hussain and Chair of Governors Manoj Joshi are flanked by the MP’s secretaries.

On the 18th January MP Imran Hussain came in to speak the post 16 scholars.  The main aim of the session was to give learners the opportunity to ask how they would build careers into politics. 
Imran shared his experiences with them, and how him being an ethnic minority from a working class background did not impact his career aspirations. Imran was born and raised in Bradford. He attended local state-funded schools and as a teenager worked in Morrisons supermarket, sweeping floors and stacking shelves
This was great opportunity as he was able to speak to our learners. As he comes from a similar background to a lot of our learners his talk was inspirational and has given many of our kids the belief that they can go on and change the world!



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Manon Joshi

11th February, 2018 at 6:39pm

It was a huge honour to welcome Imran Hussain MP, our Bradford Academy’s local MP who gave his own inspirational and uplifting real life story which has given confidence and reassurance to Bradford Academy learners to be highly ambitious and set the highest standards of achievement.

Thank You Imran Hussain MP and his excellent high achievement Team .

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