MP Naz Shah Visit

We have been looking at Healthy Relationships in PSHE and decided we would look at honour marriages as part of this.  Unfortunately, many young people are (even today) expected to take part in honour marriages.  An honour marriage is a marriage where one or both do not agree with or want the marriage but are made to take part in order to protect family honour.  We looked at the case of Samia Shahid, a Bradford girl, who was made to take part in an honour marriage, she was later killed when she voiced her feelings.

 Thankfully a local MP, Naz Shah, works nationally to raise awareness on this issue.  She states ‘I have been there, I have worn that t-shirt’ and is happy to share her story in order to inspire others that may be suffering.  Naz led a conference with learners from Team Theology and the Community Cohesion Team sharing her story. 

Learners involved will now carry this legacy work on.   

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