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Bradford Academy – Savoy Cooking School – Bradford College

9 lucky Bradford Academy students were given the fantastic opportunity to attend cooking school held at Bradford College at the start of July, 2018.

The two week course saw students start with basics (day 1 was all about eggs!) and build up to be able to cook an entire meal! The most impressive recipes included pasta with pesto, soup, lasagne and a whopping burger with chips, onion rings and coleslaw – all of the food was cooked completely from scratch with fresh ingredients. There were also some sweet treats with flapjack and chocolate brownies a personal highlight!

Students committed to 10 long days in the kitchen, even attending when school was closed for staff training, showing real dedication! This, combined with an assessed recipe, enabled all of the students to complete the course and obtain a Level 1 BTEC Qualification in Food & Hygiene Studies. This is often possible with the help of a great guide to help you around the way through the kitchen, and becoming accustomed to the plethora of spices and ingredients that one stocks up in the cabinets.

On the last day parents, grandparents, friends and other family members were welcomed to join us in The Grove Café to sample some of the finest cuisine Bradford College had to offer – of course cooked by our very own students!

Catherine Garbutt

NCOP HEPO, Bradford Academy

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Sandra dvorakova

18th July, 2018 at 4:11pm

Hi miss garbutt I proper enjoyed it and the most great day was the last day on Friday when we invited our family in and my mum didn’t even recognise me but I proper liked it

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