About Us

Welcome to Bradford Academy

Bradford Academy opened its doors to its first pupils in September 2007. We have grown rapidly and in September 2010 secured All-Through Academy status. With a 62 place nursery, primary provision for reception to Year 6 and over 500 students in Post 16, our thriving community now has over 2,000 pupils ranging from ages 2 to 18. We expect Post 16 to grow by a further 200 in 2017 taking us to approximately 2,300 pupils.

Bradford Academy is not just another new school though; it provides a unique way to give children the education they deserve, and to equip them with the attitudes, skills and knowledge, that they will need to lead successful lives. We want our students to stretch themselves and to reach further than they ever thought possible. When we say ‘all-through learning’, we don’t simply mean educating children from their first letters to their A-levels (although as the first 3-18 school in Bradford, we do that too). We mean a way of learning that allows everyone a level playing field: a system that accounts for those who learn at different paces and in different ways. All of our students benefit from such a range of different age groups within the school: not only can they learn alongside each other, but from each other. Relationships between students, and between staff and students, are a key part of our formula; we know that people you like and respect – no matter who they are — will always be your best teachers, because it’s their actions that inspire you to learn.

Diocese of Bradford

We are sponsored by the Diocese of Bradford and together we have developed Citizenship with Enterprise as the specialism of the Academy. This specialism permeates every aspect of life within the Academy.

Symbolically, our new building has the ‘Forum’ at its heart, demonstrating our commitment to involve, inform and inspire our pupils to use their voice so that every learner is known, valued and understood.

There are no secrets to excellent education: it entails good teaching and learning, strong support and hard work. Our ambition is for at least 60% of our students to gain five good GCSEs, ensuring we are in the top 5% of similar schools nationally. We are well on the way to realising this ambition.

We have recruited high quality teachers from across the country, at all levels of leadership and management. They have decided to join us and to share in our commitment to become an outstanding school.