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Anti- bullying Week

November 18, 2013 - November 22, 2013

We are proud of our stance on anti-bullying, but don’t take our word for it! 

We have been awarded the BIG (Bullying Intervention Group) Award 2013/2014. Bradford Academy Cert

The BIG AWARD is offered to schools, services, groups or Local Authorities.  Members work to meet the externally agreed criteria to become a “Bullying Intervention Group school or organisation”. The criteria are carefully managed so that organisations are enabled to embed and maintain good bullying management practice to suit their needs. This award is both earned and evidenced.

Establishments achieving the BIG AWARD will be able to:-

  • Demonstrate that they are working to an externally agreed standard
  • Have consistent and embedded good practice
  • Fully include all children and young people
  • Tailor their bullying intervention work to suit their needs
  • Ensure that every child is enabled to fulfil their true educational potential, or enjoy their community activities, without fear of being bullied
  • Be rewarded for their achievements


A child may indicate by signs or behaviour that he or she is being bullied.  Adults should be aware of these possible signs and that they should investigate if a child:

• is frightened of walking to or from school

• doesn’t want to go on the school / public bus

• begs to be driven to school

• changes their usual routine

• is unwilling to go to school (school phobic)

• begins to truant

• becomes withdrawn anxious, or lacking in confidence

• starts stammering

• attempts or threatens suicide or runs away

• cries themselves to sleep at night or has nightmares

• feels ill in the morning

• begins to do poorly in school work

• comes home with clothes torn or books damaged

• has possessions which are damaged or ” go missing”

• asks for money or starts stealing money (to pay bully)

• has dinner or other monies continually “lost”

• has unexplained cuts or bruises

• comes home starving (money / lunch has been stolen)

• becomes aggressive, disruptive or unreasonable

• is bullying other children or siblings

• stops eating

• is frightened to say what’s wrong

• gives improbable excuses for any of the above

• is afraid to use the internet or mobile phone

• is nervous & jumpy when a cyber message is received

These signs and behaviours could indicate other problems, but bullying should be considered a possibility and should be investigated



At the Academy learners are encouraged to report incidents using the following systems:

• Learning Guide

• Pastoral Support Worker or Manager

• Head of House

• Designated Child Protection Officers

• Student Office

• Peer Mentors

• Student Counsellor

Here at the Academy, we have various peer mentoring schemes running;  for example we have secondary learners reading books with primary students.  One high impact mentoring scheme runs in our Step Out centre designed to work with Key Stage 3 students.  It was set up at the start of this year to work alongside students who have poor peer relations and are becoming disengaged with school life.  Saeed Afsar,  who runs the provision,  was offered a group of Post 16 learners to help mentor the students attending the centre.  The Post 16 learners were trained in partnership with the youth service to help support younger learners to engage with life and remain on track.  More importantly the Post 16 learners were were asked to help develop these students emotionally and socially so that they could socialise and engage with all aspects of life.  The Post 16 mentors often sit with the younger students in lessons helping with work and supporting learning.

The cyber mentors is also a very important intiative here at The Academy as we are beginnning to deal with increased cases of cyber bullying.

We have various recording mechanisms.  The first level support is the pastoral team.  This is a team who are non teaching staff whose main purpose is to ensure the wellbeing of all students.  We have 6 pastoral workers who are each designated a year group.  Parents can contact them from 8.45am until 4.45pm each day.  If there any bullying issues inside or outside school, the pastoral worker is the first port of call.  Any contact made with a parent is recorded electronically on the students’s home page.  We also have two other forms of logging bullying, firstly as mentioned previousrly we have PC James, our safer schools police officer works at The Academy twice a week.  Any issues that he deals with with regards to bullying has to be recorded and written in his log.  This is kept in a private office.  Secondly, any systematic bullying regarding discrimination against race, religion, sex or homophobic discrimation is recorded in our serious incident book.  Any racial incidents are also reported to Education Bradford.

Student voice is a big part of Academy life.  Every decision regarding school times, how students are supported and looked after and even to the recruitment  of new staff is in consultation with student voice.  We often request feedback on bullying issues through Home Team representatives.  Information is then forwarded to a student voice conference who have to agree an action to feedback to the Academy community.  Last year we ran several student voice conferences.  We are currently reviewing The Academy Value Contract which talks about the impact of bullying.

 Anti-Bullying Week 18th November to 22th November

Monday – starter on bullying in every lesson in school

–      Display in the forum

–      Plasma screen

–      Split Lunch – Anti Bullying Stop Workshop running break 1 in the forum Youth Service

–      Year 8 core 5 lessons Bullying

–      Primary Anti Bullying assembly

Tuesday –      Assembly on Cyber Bullying/Self harm

                        KS3 Assembly

KS4/POST 16 assemblies – playing video


–      Split Lunch – Anti Bullying Stop Workshop running break 1 in the forum (Youth Service)


Home Team programme to run session on discussion based on assembly themes. 

Split Lunch – Anti Bullying Stop Workshop running break 1 in the forum (Youth Service)


Friendship Day on Thursday to run in Home Team session.  Wall of friendship/Friendship text/say something nice.  Challenge to say something nice to a friend.  Make a new friend. 

Split Lunch – Anti Bullying Stop Workshop running break 1 in the forum (Youth Service)

Friday – International Stand up against Bullying Day – wear pink and raise awareness.

–      During break 1,2 and 3 Cyber Mentors have a stand in the forum, giving advice on anti-bullying.

–      Adeena and Jessica – Cyber Mentors – Link with PC James Cyber Mentors Saif Gilani, Adeena Matloob and Jessica Glen to be led by Natalie trower & PC James