All About Me Night and Day Journeys People Who Help Us/ Being Healthy Life Cycles/Pets By the Seaside
Core Story   Day Monkey Night Monkey We’re Going on a Bear Hunt This is Bear and the Picnic Lunch The Very Hungry Caterpillar Sharing a Shell
Personal, Social and Emotional Development Interested in others play and starting to join in

May begin to have special friendships

Separates from their main adult

Beginning to share feelings

Expresses own preference and interests

Beginning to resolve conflicts

Sharing toys and equipment

Follows boundaries and routines

Can play in a group

Enjoys responsibility

Confident to ask for help

Take turns

Speaking with confidence

Keeps play going

Accepts needs of others and shares resources

Caring for other living things- buying a pet

Confidence in large group settings

Friendly behaviour

Sharing resources and equipment

Offers cues for peers to join in

Tolerate delays

Communication and Language Listening in small groups

Talking in small groups about a story read or things that are relevant (what’s your favourite colour, food, movie etc.)

Understands who, what, where in simple questions

Using vocabulary that has meaning to them

Following simple instructions

Prepositions (under, on top, behind)

Range of tenses

Retell simple past event

Vocabulary that reflects their experience

Anticipates key events in stories or rhymes

Uses talk in a range of different ways

Uses more complex sentences

Speaking in full sentences and asking questions or making comments to continue the conversation

Understands why and how questions

Physical Development Kick a large ball

Turns pages in a book

Communicates need for the toilet

Helps with clothing

Confidence in using jugs to pour

Drawing simple shapes

Preference for a dominant hand

Independent in self-care

Go on a Bear Hunt. Climb over things, under things, go through things to increase moving with confidence

Can wash and dry hands


Army day on the field to help with physical development and to observe the effect of exercise on their body.

Talk about healthy foods, exercise, milk and try all of these things in class

Holds pencil between thumb and two fingers

Name writing

Dresses with help


Ball games Obstacle courses
Literacy Favourite rhymes and poems

How to handle books and turn pages

Look at books in small groups

Make meaning out of marks on paper

Fills in the missing words

Joins in with stories

Looks at books independently

Describes main story settings and characters

Holds book the correct way up

Lists of what we might pack on our bear hunt


Suggest how the story might end

Invitations to a picnic lunch

Recognizes logos

Recognizes name

Rhyme and alliteration



Recognizes name

Rhyming and rhythmic activities

|Order a life cycle

Aware of how stories are structured


Maths Numbers 0-5



Numbers 0-5


Amount changes when something is added or taken away

Language of size


Positional language

Recites numbers to 10



1-1 counting


Numbers 0-10

Representing numbers

Matching numeral and quantity

Interest in numbers

Size ordering

Filling the gaps
Understanding of the World Sense of own immediate family

Having their own friends

Can talk about something that has happened in their lives




Similarities and differences


Chinese New Year

What makes them unique

Comments on their world (science experiments)


Shows an interest in different occupations

Why things happen and how things work

Care for living things and environment

Growth, decay and changes

Have chickens, butterflies and ladybugs

Habitats of different animals

Talks about significant times in their lives

Expressive Arts and Design Portraits

Simple songs and games

Exploring instruments

Ring games

Movement to music



How sounds can be changed

Sings a few familiar songs

Making paper mache bear caves and paper towel binoculars

Positional language

Colour mixing

Textures (trying different foods and talking about the texture)

Doctor role play

Movement to music

Engages in imaginative role play

Vet/Vet shop role play


Makes up rhymes

Beach role play