Jill Murphy Class

John Burningham Class

Long Term planning cycle 2016-2017


All about me Superheroes/Princesses Storytelling Space Spring/Growing Animals
Personal, Social and Emotional Development Healthy Eating


Working independently

Beginning to share feelings

Beginning to resolve conflicts

Sharing toys and equipment

Talking about themselves in positive way

Initiating conversations with others


Speaking with confidence

Working in small groups

Caring for other living things – why!

Talking about why we are special.

Developing own confidence in abilities

Looking after animals;

Caring for others;

Talking about own pets

Communication and Language Listening in small groups

Talking about stories read

Talk about things that are relevant to them

Joins in with stories

Answers questions about things that we read

Following simple instructions

Talk for Writing focus


Creating own stories

Retelling a range of fairy tales

Literacy- story map, box up, innovate, write

Talk for writing focus

Using developing language skills and extended sentences

Speaking in sentences; Using talking frames; Sharing ideas and listening to what is said; Speaking in complex sentences.

Breaking the flow of speech into words

Using writing frames


Physical Development Getting changed Simple skills – crawling, walking, jumping, running and hopping Gymnastics – shape


Dance? Using a range of large equipment to balance etc. on Bat and Ball Skills Bat and Ball Skills

Sports day experiences

Literacy Reading stories

Reading books sensibly

Talking about marks made

Name writing

Passport for child

Beginning to use initial and final sounds

Reading and writing CVC words

Name writing

Literacy- story map, box up, innovate, write


Experimenting with different stories – new starters/ endings/ characters etc.

Retelling/ ordering stories; Literacy- story map, box up, innovate, write

Story writing/Recipe

Range of writing activities linked to book that is chosen;

Literacy- story map, box up, innovate, write


Sentence writing – using capital letters, full stops and finger spaces; Non-fiction focus


Non-fiction focus – letters/ invitations/ local area writing

Sentence writing – capital letters, full stops & finger spaces

Labelling/ report

Maths Numbers 1-9


Simple positional Language

Shapes of objects

Ordering height

Numbers 1-9


Ordering numbers

Patterns/ Colours





Numbers 11-20

Calculation3D shape

Positional language

Basic money – 1p/ 2p

Measures – length/ weight

Problem solving

Time/ sequencing

Filling gaps in EYFS

Problem solving
Understanding of the World Lives of others

Significant events for them

Describing special times

Using simple equipment


Christmas and family traditions



Chinese New Year

Using different equipment – cameras/ photocopier/ CD player


Easter activities

Looks closely at similarities and differences, patterns and change

Care for living things and environment


Food that we can grow

Care for living things

Naming and categorizing animals

Finding and sorting animals

Expressive Arts and Design Portraits

Simple songs and games

Exploring colour

Exploring instruments

Colour mixing and experimenting

Naming and using instruments

Singing songs


Fantasy pictures and paintings

Colour mixing

Using and describing instruments – rhythm patterns etc.


Observational drawings and paintings

Observational Drawings



Collage animals

Face animals