Reading at Bradford Academy

 How reading is taught at school

Initially, in Reception class, children are taught synthetic phonics. They are then issued with wordless books to encourage them to use illustrations to tell a story using detail. As their phonic knowledge increases they are introduced to books with simple sentences.

Other ways reading is taught at school

EYFS, Key Stage One and Key Stage Two all children have daily access to a variety of texts to engage and stimulate them. Every English unit that is taught is based on a high quality core text. The children will spend a lot of time exploring this text and building their comprehension skills.

In addition to this, children will take part in daily guided reading sessions from Reception up to year 6. At least two of these sessions will be adult lead and three will be comprehension based activities. This helps develop and improve comprehension skills, inference skills and work recognition.

Our Reading Scheme

We have enriched our reading scheme which now includes some Bug Club books, Oxford Reading Tree Books and some high level novels. Children are allocated a book band colour based on a reading assessment by the teacher. These coloured levels are similar to the Oxford Reading Tree numbered levels, but there may be occasions when these don’t quite match. If you are buying books to support reading at home, then you can check the banding matches the instructional level they are on, as most books now have the colour band on the back.