16 – 19 Bursary

In need of support to remain in education after the age of 16, the 16-19 bursary has replaced the Educational Maintenance Allowance

The 16-19 bursary has two parts to it:

A bursary of up to £1,200 per year for vulnerable young people who are:
  • Living in Care
  • Care Leavers
  • In receipt of Income Support
  • Disabled and in receipt of Employment Support Allowance and Disability Living Allowance.

If your son or daughter apply for this and are successful, it will be paid on a fortnightly basis, providing that your son or daughter are successful in meeting the following criteria:

  • No unauthorised absences in the two week period.
  • Complete all work set during each lesson to a standard that is in line with their target grade given the time of year.
  • Have no more than 2 lates in any week
A discretionary payment that is made to learners who face financial barriers to their successful participation in education. This is available to learners whose families are in receipt of:
  • Income Support
  • Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance
  • Pension Credit (Guarantee Credit)
  • Child Tax Credit (but not Working Tax Credit ) with an annual income (as assessed by HM Revenue & Customs) of less than £16,190
  • Support from NASS (National Asylum Seeker’s Support) under part VI of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999.

The size of this bursary is dependent on availability of funds and will be paid every half term for the duration of the learners’ courses if they meet the following criteria:

  • Effort that is at least on target in every subject.
  • A minimum of 95% attendance.
  • No negative behaviour incidents at stage 2 or above within the half term. Please see the Bradford Academy behaviour policy for details.

If you wish to apply for either of these bursaries please hand in your complete the application form at the Post 16 office. You must also provide evidence of your entitlement along with your application form. (e.g. letters from HM Revenue & Customs or Job Centre or Department for Work & Pensions). Your application will not be processed without providing evidence of your entitlement.

Please be aware that if your circumstances change throughout the year you are able to apply for these payments and should contact school for an application form.

If you have any questions regarding this please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Wilkinson-Cox, Director of Post 16 by email on a.cox@bradfordacademy.co.uk or by telephone on 01274 256789.

Dates for Bursary 2018-2019

Payment 1 Week ending 28/09/2018 (e-mails have been sent to learners that qualify and payments will be made ASAP)

Payment 2 Week ending 09/11/2018

Payment 3 Week beginning 11/01/2019

Payment 4 Week beginning 03/05/2019

Payment 5 Week beginning 12/07/2019