Bradford Academy


Intake September 2017

We operate an inclusive admissions process which looks to allow all our current year 11 learners a suitable pathway into post 16 education.

Admission to Bradford Academy Post 16 is through submitting a preference form to the academy. We welcome interest from both current Bradford Academy learners and learners who are currently attending other educational institutions. The course booklet below provides details for the courses that we intend to offer in September 2017 and contact details if you require further information.

Deadline for September 2017 is January 14th 2017.

If you have missed this deadline but are still wanting to attend our post 16 provision in September 2017, there will be a second opportunity during the window of  March 27th 2017 – April 7th 2017. The preference form for round 2 will be posted on this site on the 27th March.