Curriculum Offer

Welcome to Post-16 at Bradford Academy

Our Vision

Every learner known, valued and understood. All learners who choose to be a part of Post 16 at Bradford Academy will leave with the skills, qualifications and confidence to progress to the next stage of their career. Post 16 learners will be the role models for younger learners in the Academy by demonstrating active citizenship through participating in Academy life.

Our Objectives

We provide:

  • A curriculum that reflects the needs of the individual learner .
  • Clear pathways to the next stage of your career.
  • High quality teaching.
  • Regular assessment and progress updates from your subject teachers.
  • Support for any special requirements that you might have.
  • A safe learning environment where the focus is on the individual.
  • Support in developing lifelong study skills.
  • A careers programme that identifies the next stage for your career.
  • Regular, personalised communication with parents / carers.
  • An elective programme that operates beyond the school day.
  • Enrichment activities to help develop skills and confidence.


We have high expectations for all our learners. This is especially true in Post 16, where we expect our learners to be proud members of a community that they have actively chosen to be a part of. All members of Post 16 are expected to contribute to this shared goal that will benefit us all.



We work hard to ensure we meet the curriculum needs of every learner by offering academic and vocational courses across a broad range of subjects at both Level 2 and Level 3. All learners who have not attained a Level 4 grade or its equivalence in English and Mathematics GCSE will continue with those subjects.  All the courses are part of a clear pathway and fulfil the requirements of the 16 to 19 study programmes, to ensure learners are able to see what it is they are working towards. The courses are designed to help learners of all abilities to progress into further education and the workplace. It is important that you read the course content carefully on the relevant pages of the website and choose the courses that best suit you, your skills and ambitions. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch, as choosing the right courses is one of the keys to success in Post 16.

Please see the attached for an overview of the 16-19 study programmes.


Personal Development

We are firm in our vision of ensuring all learners have the confidence to be successful in their chosen career. We aim to provide a variety of opportunities for learners to develop their personal skills and thus grow in confidence and build evidence for their personal statement, showing future employers, colleges or universities that they are fully rounded individuals, capable of making a positive contribution to the community. All learners are expected to contribute to Academy life in a positive way.

Preparing for the next stage

We believe it is important that all learners know why it is they are choosing to continue their education Post 16. We have a team of people who will support all learners to ensure they have a clear plan of what they want to achieve and what they need to do to get to achieve it. Our careers team are specialist staff and aim to provide individual support for every learner. Our curriculum is designed to help every learner to access courses that are right for them and help them to progress to the next stage of their career. We have links at a number of local universities and we provide support for all those learners who wish to apply for further education. Visits to universities are offered so learners can sample what university life is like.