Post 16 PSHE Guidance

Learners attend Core / Tutorial for an hour a week; the focus for each week is included below:


National/Local events Post16
31 August 2017  
01 September 2017
04 September 2017 Childhood Cancer Awareness Month Organ Donation Week Introductions and icebreakers
11 September 2017 Passionate Learners & Developing Answers Intro to British Values
18 September 2017 Sexual Health Week Assimilate and Articulate & developing Answers (Burma Question) British Values – democracy
25 September 2017 Review and Revise (Burma question – technique review)
02 October 2017 Research – questionnaire on P16 – Mutual respect for those with different opinions
09 October 2017 10th October: World Metal Health Day 10th October: World Homeless day ALPS and Progress from Base line data – Research secondary – Religious tolerance
16 October 2017 Think and Link / Research – quoting properly.
23 October 2017  
30 October 2017  
06 November 2017 Benefits of an active body on the mind
13 November 2017 Anti Bullying Week Diet and the Impact on Study
20 November 2017 Alcohol Awareness Week Road Safety Week ALPS and Progress from Base line data
27 November 2017 1st Dec: World Aids Day How to stay safe in sexual relationships – disrespect Nobody
04 December 2017 10th Dec: Human Rights Day British Values – Human Rights Day – democracy
11 December 2017 Planning to be organised – revision timetable – benefits on mental health
18 December 2017 Key skill – Revision
25 December 2017  
01 January 2018  
08 January 2018 Revision / coursework
15 January 2018 online presence
22 January 2018 Materials to be produced by MMR – British values rule of law
29 January 2018 Materials to be produced by MMR
05 February 2018 6th Feb : Internet Safety Day Materials to be produced by MMR
12 February 2018  
19 February 2018 ALPS and Progress from Base line data
26 February 2018 Eating Disorders Awareness Week Healthy Diet and lifestyle
05 March 2018 8th March: International Women’s day British Values – Mutual Respect – International Women’s day
12 March 2018 Attendance reports
19 March 2018 Plan and process for the holidays (time management)
26 March 2018  
02 April 2018  
09 April 2018 British Values – Individual Liberty –
16 April 2018 ALPS and Progress from Base line data
23 April 2018 Unifrog Competencies
30 April 2018 Unifrog Competencies
07 May 2018 Attendance reports
14 May 2018 Mental Health Awareness Week Mental health Well Being
21 May 2018 Plan and process for the holidays (time management)
28 May 2018  
04 June 2018 Unifrog Competencies
11 June 2018 ALPS and Progress from Base line data
18 June 2018 Attendance reports
25 June 2018 26th Jun; World Drug Day Staying Safe – Drug Awareness
02 July 2018 Individual Course work
09 July 2018 Individual Course work
16 July 2018 Individual Course work
23 July 2018  
30 July 2018  
06 August 2018  
13 August 2018  
20 August 2018  
27 August 2018  


Assembly Topics:

Assemblies take place on a fortnightly basis throughout most of the year.

Topics covered:

Half Term 1:

  • NCS – National Citizenship Service.
  • Pedagogical Skills.
  • STEP2 – sexual health and drop in sessions.
  • Volunteering in the community opportunities.

Year 13:

The hometeam contributes to many areas of school life.


The rationale for the programme is to cover the following areas:

  • Regular weekly analysis of rewards, sanctions and attendance with quality one to one conversations between the learning guide and their hometeam students.
  • Regular weekly focus on progress through setting of targets and use of learning muscles.
  • Following each DC, more in depth focus on progress, achievement and attainment.
  • Development of SMSC – including British Values.
  • PSHE topics appropriate to 17-18 year olds including drug awareness, alcohol awareness, coping away from home, sexual health.
  • CEIAG – focussing on destinations and pathways – including university applications, student finance and employment routes.


Year 12 learners move into new home teams in the last half term of year 12. This allows initial discussions to begin and decisions made about destinations, ready for UCAS applications to begin in September, when the system opens. We also cover British Values at this time.

The process of applying to university is a detailed and time consuming one; this continues until Christmas (the deadline for UCAS is usually the 2nd week of January).

For the 3rd half term – January – February, we focus on PSHE topics before starting student finance which opens at the end of February. March is used to complete student finance applications, and accommodation applications for those learners moving away to university.

We then return to PSHE topics including preparing for university and keeping safe until Easter.

The final half term focuses on a mix of PSHE topics and achievement / study skills / preparing for final examinations in the run up to the final examinations and coursework deadlines. This includes revision techniques, independent learning skills, and time management to ensure that learners are best prepared for the last hurdles before they leave.