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BBC School News Report

Students from the Academy will be making the news for real on 10 March 2016 as they take part in BBC News School Report. We aim to publish the news by 1600 GMT on the News Day, so please save this page as a favourite and return to it later. 

Emily from Year 7 with the latest weather report.

World Book Day


Every year on the first Thursday of March, World Book Day takes place across schools in the UK and Ireland. World Book Day encourages children to explore and enjoy reading books and provide them with the opportunity to own a book of their own.

This year, World Book Day was on 3 March in UK and Ireland. In different countries across the world events similar to World Book Day take place and celebrate books in different ways. On World Book Day in Spain, Cervantes Don Quixote is read during a two-day reading marathon! In Sweden, World Book Day is known as Världsbokdagen and it is celebrated on 23 April.

Another excellent strategy to get young people reading is the ‘first time challenge’. The first time challenge suggests that schools take their groups on a visit to the local library and then book a librarian to talk about the 2016 summer reading challenge and various other activities. On World Book Day young people are sent national book tokens to enable them to purchase a book. The response is fantastic and succeeds in getting young people engaged in reading.

By Lynn Year 8



Sports Relief

Sports Relief will be taking place between 18 and 20 March 2016. It will involve people up and down the country trying to raise money by getting active.

The organisers, Comic relief, have been encouraging the British public to take part in the initiative since 1985. It is all about getting involved in sports and, most importantly, having fun. By doing this, participants are raising money for the UK and less fortunate countries across the world. In 2014 the country raised a total of £51,242,186. The organisers believe that even more can be raised this year.

Bradford Academy will be completing a variety of activities and encouraging students to take part. Some of the events include: a fitness test for Years 7, 8 and 9; a staff fitness test; fancy dress and a bake sale. Last Sports Relief, students in the school managed to raise enough money to make a significant impact.

[Quotes from Ms. Mathews]

We interviewed Ms. Mathews, head of the PE department at Bradford Academy, and this is what she has to say about Sports Relief: “I like sports relief because it is a way of getting the community active as well as raising money for the poor. It increases the profile of sports and puts the whole focus around it for an entire day.”

Iqra Khan Year 7


A Fluke with Dr Luke


Recently in social media there has been uproar about American singer-songwriter, known as Kesha, who alleges sexual abuse, psychological torment and rape against her music producer Dr Luke.

Kesha has been battling with her record label and producer for three years and has decided to speak out and made a request to break her contract with Luke. In October 2014, Kesha filed a civil sexual assault and battery claim against her record producer, Dr. Luke. The 2014 complaint included several alleged attacks by Dr. Luke against Kesha, beginning eight years earlier, when she was 18-years-old. The abuse allegations included drugging her many times, including on a plane, and one time when she woke up naked in Dr. Luke’s bed– remembering nothing. Despite all the allegations, no criminal charges have yet been laid and everyone is wondering why.

In California, there is a ten-year statute of limitations for adult rape victims to pursue charges against their attackers, Kesha was 18-years-old when she said Dr. Luke first raped her and she is now 28-years-old, meaning it is too late for her to be able to press charges against Dr. Luke. Maybe if Kesha had gone to the police in 2014 with allegations of rape, then criminal charges could have potentially been filed against Dr. Luke.

The producer denies the allegations and has made his own defamation lawsuit in New York saying that the singer had lied about the supposed incidents so she can get out of an exclusive recording contract.

“All of their horrific allegations of abuse, threats and other purported misconduct by me against Kesha are completely untrue and deeply hurtful,” he said in a sworn statement.


Kesha wanted to get out of her Sony Music contract so she can start recording music again, but on February 19 her desperate plea was denied by Judge Shirley Kornreich, from the Manhattan Supreme Court.

The news quickly spread over social media and the hashtag #FreeKesha was used by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. Many artists such as: Lady Gaga, Halsey, Lily Allen, Ariana Grande and many others were quick to support her. Taylor Swift also donated $250,000 to Kesha “to help with any of her financial needs during this trying time.”


Ever since Kesha’s day in court, other artists have been coming forward about their past experiences with Dr Luke and how they feel about him such as Kelly Clarkson. On a radio interview with Australia’s KIIS FM, she admitted that she was blackmailed into working with him and that ‘he wasn’t a nice person’. –




Lou Year 10


world kidney day

Are you aware of World Kidney Day? #WorldKidneyDay!

World Kidney Day is an annual global awareness and education event, held on the second Thursday in March. This year it is today! Every year, countless local, national and international events are organized by kidney charities, healthcare professionals, patient groups and individuals who want to make a difference.

Kidneys are essential to our health and are one of the most important organs in our body. They get rid of excess water and toxins, regulate blood pressure, make red blood cells and keep bones strong. The kidneys are normally very efficient and it can be a long time before there are signs that something is wrong. Kidney disease affects over 3 million people in the UK but up to a million of these people may be undiagnosed, which is worrying as kidney disease can’t be reversed. Not many people are aware that many people die from kidney cancer. That’s why we have World Kidney Day to raise as much money as we can to help people get diagnosed.

Kidney Facts

  • Our kidneys filter around 180 litres of blood every day.
  • Kidney disease is common and can affect anyone, including children, and there is no cure.
  • Kidney failure is fatal without dialysis or a transplant
  • Every year 57,000 people in the UK are being treated for kidney failure
  • 3,000 kidney transplants take place in the UK every year but over 5,500 people are still waiting
  • There are 40,000-45,000 premature deaths in the UK every year due to chronic kidney disease
  • Nearly 1,000 children in the UK have kidneys which have completely failed and require lifelong treatment
  • High blood pressure accelerates kidney damage
  • Diabetes is the biggest cause of kidney failure
  • Smoking slows blood flow to the kidneys and stops them working properly

World Kidney Day website-

British Kidney Patient Association-

Kidney Research UK-

Filip Year 10


question mark

Boring Bradford? Not a chancequestion mark



Real food Ilkley Market at Ilkley Town Centre Sunday 6 march 2016

Adil and Manraj ( Year 10 )

Real food Ilkley Market at Ilkley Town Centre is an annual event. A market full of sellers will present you with various delicacies which are locally produce some of these fine foods include fruit liqueurs, gluten-free foods, brownies, authentic Indian sauces and chocolate truffles. The admission charge is free for all people attending. Also showcasing will be entertainment from local performers plus ‘foodie’ demonstrations.

Venue: South Hawkesworth Street

Time: 10.30am to 3.00pm.


Frankie Boyle – Hurt Like you’ve never been loved Thursday 17 March 2016

Star of BBC2’s Mock the Week for the ages of 16 and over. This show contains adult material. Frankie has written this new set not to tour but as a response to Kendrick Lamar’s last album. After these Stand-up performances the ball will very much be in Kendrick’s court. Come and witness this show.

Venue: St George’s Hall


Bridge Street

Bradford West Yorkshire



Opening times: The Alhambra Box Office opens from 10am – 6pm on non-show nights, or 10am until 30 minutes after start time on show nights (Thursday’s – open from 11am). St George’s Box Office opens from 10am – 3pm on non-show nights, or 10am until 30 minutes after the start time on show nights (Thursdays open from 11am).

Telephone : 01274 752000


The Rocky Horror Show 14 – 19 March 2016

Its here in Bradford Alhambra! A must be classic. If your into having a good time and to see some good humour this is the one for you. BEWARE CHILDREN IT HAS RUDE PARTS.

Telephone: 01274 432000



As you can see, there are a lot of interesting  events happening it Bradford.. It’s just a shame we couldn’t fit more in! Are you still sure that Bradford is boring ? I Hope not . It may not be London but it’s a brilliant place to visit and live.

Adil and Manraj Year 10





It was Liverpool vs Manchester City in this year’s Capital One Cup final and it was definitely intense and some unexpected events and performances were seen. It took place at the grand stage known as Wembley Stadium on Sunday 28 February.

After 90 minutes were played, the score was 1-1, with Liverpool’s Phillipe Coutinho and Manchester City’s Luis Fernandinho getting on the score sheet. Extra time was played but the scores remained the same, which lead to a Spine-chilling penalty shootout where we saw Manchester City goalkeeper Willy Caballero being the unlikely hero by making three Important yet amazing saves which soon lead to another trophy in Manchester City’s cabinet.

The Liverpool fans are not impressed with the performance that Simon Mignolet delivered to cost Liverpool FC the title. Liverpool fan, Jay had this to say about the match: “Enough is enough, Mignolet is a total liability.”

Another comment from a fan of the opposing team commented: “The Willy Caballero story is a feel good classic, but you have to feel for Liverpool – especially Lucas, who played magnificently at Centre-half against the great Sergio Aguero.”

We’re sure that football fans across the country wait with baited breath for the upcoming Champions League Final. Will the drama, tears and fear continue for the rest of the season?

Jake Year 10



Is Mother’s Day spending out of control?

Mothering Sunday has just been, with this year’s date passing on 6th March. Mother’s Day is dedicated to thanking the motherly figures in your lives for everything they have done. For many families this includes lavish spending on a ‘special’ gift.

According to a Mother’s Day survey carried out by National Retail Federation (NRF), families are spending more than ever on mums with the average family spending £160. They splurge on jewellery, cards, flowers and much more. The nation as a whole takes full advantage of this event and race to the shops. But the question is, is this really necessary?

In a recent interview with Joanne Crouch, a mum of three, she stated that her children generally make her a card, and buy her some gifts on Mother’s Day. When asked if she wanted her children to spend lots of money on mother’s day Joanne said: “I don’t, because for me being a mum is just my job and I don’t need a gift to say thanks, it’s just my job!”

We also asked Joanne what else children could do, other than buy a gift and she suggested that children could make gifts, or they could do something like offer to clean the house.

A mother of two said: “On Mother’s Day I love waking up to breakfast in bed, a homemade card and a hug.”

Chloe, aged 14, told us that she celebrates Mother’s Day with a card, some flowers, chocolates and a gift. When we asked Chloe whether she feels as though she needs to buy a gift to make her mum happy she responded: “Yes, my Mother’s Day is based around gifts. Without them there wouldn’t even be a Mother’s Day for my family. I think that on Mother’s Day you should buy gifts because that way you can show your mum you really appreciate her.”

So, how will you spend next Mother’s Day? Before you rush to the shops next year have a little think on whether it’s really important to buy that gift.

Manraj and Adil Year 10


Are older people risking more for Sports Relief?

Research suggests that more and more of the older generation are getting involved in extreme sports to raise money for Sports Relief. It is said that 54-year-old Eddie Izzard, is competing in the 27 marathon. Isn’t that amazing? So far he has completed 10/27 of the marathons and I’m sure you will agree that this is a fantastic achievement.

We interviewed one of our more nature teachers in school (whose identity is being kept a secret as it would give away her age!) and we asked her what she thinks of older people getting involved in sport relief: “It is really important for people of all ages join in Sports Relief and it`s brilliant that the older generation are risking their lives by taking part in extreme sports in order to help people who are in need. I would quite like to jump out of an aeroplane and I think some people would like to push me out!”

Courtney and Emily Year 7


Should Rap music be studied as poetry in school?

Within the music industry rap has always had a following. From teenagers to the elderly, rap has been an accepted music genre for decades. Although some may disagree, rap music is a form of poetry which is usually associated with gangsters, criminals and deviants. Despite it being connected to this amount of negativity, many of the world’s population appreciates the talent, skill and intelligence it takes to produce rap.

Rap is certainly not just focused on guns and weapons which are what some people may have you believe. The group Twenty One Piolets uses rap as poetry to spread inspiring messages across the world, rapping about people who are depressed and how they are able to overcome their battle. Millions of people also use rap music to clear their minds and think creatively.

Rap is definitely a style of music which includes emotive language. Ask any English teacher and they are likely to agree that this is a key technique in poetry.

A lot of poets who are studied in school were considered controversial for their era (Shakespeare included!). Should we be updating our curriculum to including rap as a form of poetry?

Abdullah Year 10
School’s Sweet ‘Black Market’

A current trend sweeping across UK schools at the moment is selling sweets. This may sound innocent but it’s far from it. Students are taking part in their own sweet ‘black market’.

There are many reasons for why this is not acceptable; one of them is that it is actually showing disrespect towards the school. Schools spend a lot of money on preparing healthy dinners for the pupils and if students are selling sweets (especially after being told several times not to), they are wasting the school’s money.

Another reason is because there are too many people who take advantage of other students. Some people will simply sell, take the profit and spend it on more ‘products’ to sell. However, there are others who attempt to take advantage of other people by charging them a lot more than it is worth. For example, a student at Bradford Academy told us that they buy a chocolate bar for 50p, and then sell it on for £1.50.

Schools don’t sell junk food for a reason. It is bad for you and is proven to have a negative effect on behaviour in school.

A student at Bradford Academy who is the friend of a well-known sweet-seller commented, “I don’t sell sweets but my friends do. They do it because they want to make money. They usually get a pack of 4 chocolates for a £1 and sell each one for 50p. This means that they make £1 profit. It’s not a bad way for a bit of extra money.”

Teachers are understandably not happy about the situation. Mr. Hameed, Head of Pastoral, commented: “I think that it’s a good idea because people are making money, but in terms of students, it is not helping the school. Some students are selling them to the ‘wrong’ people and they are getting really hyper during lessons. Also when the students litter with the wrappers, it creates a mess for the cleaners to clean up.”

Iqra Year 7



GCSE Reforms

Recently, GCSEs have seen a turnover in the way they will be examined and taught. But is this for the best?

The GCSE specification is becoming more demanding, with one major change being the grading system which now includes grades 1-9 rather than the current   A*-G. The new system aims to challenge the higher ability and intends to cover a wide range of content for all abilities.

A Bradford Academy Teacher of English, Mike Howard, said that one of the major changes in English is the ‘no coursework’ rule. Also the exam will only be based on texts that are written over 300 years ago. He went onto comment: “Exams aren’t particularly fair”. He also described the new examinations as a form of “backward thinking.”

The Freedom of Information Act reported on 15 local authorities seeing a 50% rise in stress-related absences amongst staff.

The Vice Principle of Bradford Academy, Mark Whitely, said that he was happy to see change in GCSEs because he wants to raise standards and believes that subjects being reviewed is a good thing. However he also said that the joy of learning is slowly disappearing and “students should be doing what they enjoy.”

One change in GCSE English literature and history now requires students to study the full curriculum. This was opposed to previous years where syllabuses had allowed for a smaller range of content to be studied.

Tehmina Hashmi, Bradford Academy Principal, thought that the changes to the GCSE are “Shambolic!” She also said that this new GCSE specification should have started with Year 7 because they would be able to grasp it better.


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Manraj and Adil Year 10




Lavish Lifestyles

Since the concept of money was introduced, distinct individuals have thrived and strived in it – spending it lavishly on material objects! Multi – billionaires, multi-millionaires and simple millionaires have accumulated immense fortunes. However, as they flourish, many people remain stagnated in poverty; astonishingly, many billionaires have amassed greater fortunes than even that of nations!

Wealth has been an honour that has been bestowed on a select few through noble birth, hard-work and dedication! Everyone strives for wealth however, will eventually leave it all behind when they go to ‘meet their maker’.

According to sources from Quora, there is approximately $915.7 trillion of physical money within the world! That’s enough money to eradicate world hunger! However, the wealthy one percent has hogged all the money!

With wealth comes great responsibility – to spend lavishly. This summarises the lifestyle of the wealth men and women within society. From millionaire footballers to the billionaire aristocrats of our time, money has been lavishly spent on materialistic objects (referred to as ‘toys’).

So what do you spend your money on? ‘Toys’? Sweets? Or perhaps you prefer to help others? Tweet us to let us know.



Angel Year 10

International Women’s Day

By Emily and Courtney (Year 7)

International women’s day is celebrated on 8 March every year. It is celebrated for the general celebration of appreciation, respect and love towards women for their achievements.

Bradford Academy saw young ladies fundraising with placards and cakes. We are hoping they have raised a significant amount of money for various the women’s charities they were supporting.


Trouble in paradise


Many people all over the world were shocked by the picture of Cheryl and Liam cuddled up in bed. Just a few days ago, the pair was seen on a very public outing at a central London casino.

The One Direction fans, also known as ‘Directioners’ are frustrated at the mixed signals being sent and the uncertainty of a relationship. Some are angered at the thought of Liam and Cheryl being together. On social media sites, hateful messages have been sent to Cheryl from people who believe she’s too old for him or feel that she’s not the one for him. However, there are some others who approve of the alleged couple and believe it shouldn’t matter if the woman is older as long as they both love each other.

Lynn year 8

Lou year 10


Mirror Mirror on the Wall


Three months into 2016 and teenagers have already been bombarded with images of the ‘perfect body’ and thousands of make-up tutorials and beauty tips.


What many people don’t know behind closed doors is how many teenagers are struggling to cope with what they are seeing on social media. They believe that when they look in the mirror that they are not the shape they are supposed be because of all the manipulated images of bodies that they see posted everywhere. It’s starting to become ‘popular’ to be anorexic, bearing in mind that anorexia is a disorder. Even though famous idols such as Marilyn Monroe were not ‘thin’, this generation continues to perceive the perfect body as tall, slim and a beautiful face without make-up. It’s destroying lives!


Too many people are caught up with the idea that they need to be like everyone else or else they’re not good enough. If they don’t have perfect eyebrows, a thigh gap, perfect eyeliner…the list could go on. They are not seen as beautiful in the eyes of many and its causes spirits to plummet further and further. Sometimes, in the worst cases, causing depression, bulimia and anorexia.


It’s still a mystery as to what people are coming to. In one place, people fat shame others to a point to make them feel upset, while some people will skinny shame others for not being healthy enough. There are nine-year-olds already wearing make-up and learning how to contour instead of being taught useful life-skills.


It’s hard nowadays to be who unique and be who you want when you see everyone else around you following the crowd with the latest trends. So what do you thin;, do you feel the pressure to look perfect or do you enjoy the culture of contouring?

Lou (Year 10)

Final Weather Update


By Manraj and Adil (Year 10)






To round up the weather for today, it has pretty much stayed the same with it being mostly cloudy and the average temperature staying at around five degrees Celsius.


Tomorrow it will remain cloudy, however it will be much drier than today. The air will be warmer at around eight degrees Celsius.


The weekend is looking much brighter with less clouds and temperatures rising to 10 degrees Celsius.


Next week we look forward to sunny spells and a few clouds in some areas. Overall the temperature will be average around eight degrees Celsius.

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