Curriculum Offer

“The curriculum is well planned to meet pupils’ needs and prepares them well for the next stage of their education. This also very effectively supports pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development, which is outstanding.” Ofsted 2013

In Year 7 students make the transition into the secondary phase with our bespoke Foundation programme. This Year 7 transitional programme involves the delivery of English, Maths, RSA Opening Minds Competencies and Humanities through an integrated curriculum, which is taught in topics. Students spend nine lessons per week of Core with one teacher with a focus on literacy and numeracy. Planning is designed to be flexible to incorporate the particular needs of our learners. It also includes real life problems to solve, comprehensive provision for learners of all abilities and the opportunities to participate in Citizenship with Enterprise. Planning is informed by assessment as well as an end of year questionnaire which Year 7 learners complete to inform us of their likes/dislikes. Furthermore, our new curriculum has been reviewed by Year 7 learners as well as our LSI’s (Learning Scene Investigators).

The RSA Opening Minds Competencies are the primary focus of the curriculum and are embedded into all areas of our learning to ensure that essential skills and attributes are valued – in addition to academic achievement.

These continue as a theme through Years 8 and 9 as students specialise in specific subject areas. A feature of the Year 9 curriculum is the option package (“Making Learning Irresistible”) through which students explore an integrated approach to a range of subjects that lead into progression pathways at KS4.

You can find details of the options available in the booklet.

2016 Year 8 into 9 Options Booklet

KS4 Progression Pathways – In addition to the core subjects of English, Maths, Science, Citizenship, RE, ICT and PE, students can opt for a wide range of GCSE and BTEC courses; GCSE History, GCSE Geography, GCSE French, BTEC Art & Design, BTEC Engineering, GCSE Resistant Materials, GCSE Textiles, GCSE Food, BTEC Media, GCSE Music, GCSE Drama, BTEC Performing Arts—Dance, BTEC Performing Arts—Acting, ICT, BTEC Business, BTEC Leisure & Tourism, BTEC Sport, GCSE Health & Social Care.

KS4 Pathways Booklet 2016

Curriculum Changes – as you will be aware there have been significant changes to the curriculum in each Key Stage and to how learners are assessed. The information below is the most recent information on these changes issued by the Department for Education and Ofqual, the body responsible for assessment. We will update parents/carers and students as further information is made available.