Learners optioning for BTEC First Level 2 Performing Arts  will study the core units one, ‘Preparation, Planning and Performance’ and unit two, ‘Individual Showcase.’  A further option unit is then studied; unit 3 ‘Acting Skills.’  the course is highly practical in nature and aims to engage the learners in developing the acting skills and technics required to perform within a professional production.

Term 1, 2 & 3
Key Learning Objectives Learners will study the ‘Acting skills’ unit. This unit aims to introduce the learners to the skills and technics required as an actor when performing for an audience
Key Activities / Homework Learners will be set regular homework specific to the unit they are studying. This may be a practical or written based task. Learners may also be given specific assignment work to complete outside of lesson time.
Assessments Each unit within the qualification has specified assessment and grading criteria which are used for grading purposes. During each unit learners will be set various assignments. These are projects that are written by their teachers, they include tasks that allow learners to meet the grading criteria for the unit. At the end of each assignment learners are given a summative feedback sheet, that highlights the criteria they have been awarded. An overall unit grade can be awarded at pass, merit or distinction level:
Suggest reading & support materials Learners will be directed by their teacher to specific support materials and suggested readings. There are also opportunities for further development in Acting in which learners can access specific electives and performance opportunities.