Information & Creative Technology

Why study this subject?

In this digital age, the ability to use IT is paramount. In every walk of life, the way we work, learn and socialise has been affected by the digital revolution. Whichever path you decide to follow when you leave school, you will need IT skills; further education, universities and employers will expect this. BTEC I&CT is not only useful but also creative and engaging; it is a ‘hands on subject’ where you can use your imagination and flair.


What skills will I develop?

With any computer or technology based course, you’re obviously going to develop some pretty solid practical skills – in this case, how to use a range of creative applications software to create digital graphics, a digital animation and a digital portfolio as well as programming in HTML. Plus, I&CT is great at helping you build project management skills, and it will also encourage you to think logically in order to solve problems. Best of all, these are all things that potential employers love.


What will I study?

Unit 1 – Online World: This unit will help you understand the main technologies & processes behind the Internet and investigate how they come together to let you view websites and send information across the world.

Unit 3 – Creating a Digital Portfolio: In this unit you will design, create, test and review a digital portfolio to show off all the work that you have done on this course. You will learn how to use web design software to create your final digital portfolio.

Unit 6 – Creating Digital Graphics: In this unit you will understand the applications and features of digital graphic products. You will design digital graphic products and finally you will create, test and review digital graphic products using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

Unit 4 – Creating a Digital Animation: In this unit you will understand the applications and features of digital animation products. You will design a digital animation product and finally you will create, test and review a digital animation product using Serif Draw Plus and Adobe Flash.


How will I be assessed?  

Unit 1 – Online World: 25% Online Exam: You will have one online exam which lasts 1 hour. You will have two attempts to resit this exam before the end of Year 11.

Unit 3 – 25% E-portfolio

Unit 6 – 25% Coursework

Unit 4 – 25% Coursework

Each unit will be awarded a Pass (C), Merit (B) or Distinction (A). You will then be awarded an overall grade based on the outcomes of the units combined


What GCSES will I need to go on to study a particular course at Post 16?

To study ICT at Level 3 you will need to achieve at least 5 GCSE’s grades A* – C or equivalent. If you are studying ICT at Level 2 and wish to continue with this subject at Level 3 then you must achieve at least a Pass at Level 2. This will be one of your 5 subjects.


What career options may be opened up to me by studying this GCSE?

This course gives learners a broad set of practical skills which will relate to most occupations. It is also a good platform for more specific IT related jobs including; graphics designer, computer animator, software tester, web designer, IT technical support officer, multimedia specialist to mention a few.