What will I study?

Your study of GCSE Religious Studies will involve exploration of two faiths, Christianity and Islam. Firstly you will look at the key beliefs in these faiths by examining the nature of God, worship and sources of authority. You then have the opportunity to apply these beliefs and discuss how religion is practiced in the 21st Century. This is done through a detailed study of peace and conflict, justice, and the family. You will also have the opportunity to study Philosophy and Ethics looking at the existence of God and challenges facing religion in a contemporary society.


What qualifications will I need to progress onto this course?

You need to be good at English because you will have to be prepared to answer questions by giving detailed answers and using evidence to support. No, you do not need to be religious, it is more important that you are open minded, motivated and prepared to justify and reflect upon beliefs and opinions.


What skills will I develop?

You will develop your knowledge and understanding of these faiths and practices which will lead to a more thorough understanding of your local community and the UK today. You will develop your ability to ask questions, explain and justify your own point of view, whilst recognising alternate points of view. You will learn to organise and communicate your knowledge and understanding. You will learn how to see links between ideas, communities and people, in society today.


What careers can a qualification in this course lead to?

Religious Studies is good for any career such as law, journalism, community work, social work. Employers and universities like to see Religious Studies as one of your GCSE subjects because it shows that you are openā€minded, can justify your ideas and that you will have learned skills which can be useful in lots of different jobs and further studies.