The final year of the GCSE AQA Maths course will see students undertake a diagnostic scheme of work. This will consist of areas identified for development at the end of the year 10 assessments.

Feedback will be given on a fortnightly basis and will highlight areas for development and students will have the opportunity to address these areas in class and during after school electives.

Overviews will provided to students at the start of the year and will highlight topics they will be covered on a daily/weekly basis. These will also highlight key assessment dates.

Lessons will last approximately 55 minutes and students will be introduced to key topics followed by lessons in which they will embed their learning via problem solving questions. Key skills will be tested on a regular basis via starters to ensure progress.

Electives for year 11 take place every Thursday from 310pm – 4pm. These will allow students to pick and choose core workshops they want to attend. Students can attend topics related to any one of the four topics. After every assessment unit we will direct students to electives based on their development needs.

Year 11 will undertake 3 sets of mock exams. The first one will take place in October, followed by a further 2 sets of exams in December and March. These assessments are tracked and monitored carefully by teachers so that progress can identified and further areas for strength and development are addressed.

This is an extremely challenging year for our learners and they are expected to be revise on average 30 minutes per day. Students will be encouraged to purchase recommended revision guides and workbooks.