Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader

The Accelerated Reader Programme at Bradford Academy is designed to enhance learners’ ability in reading and comprehension. Across Key Stage 3 they will have access to a range of reading books at different levels and they will be tested on their capabilities in order to place them at the right level. The tests run periodically throughout the year and the learners can move up the book range the more reading they do and the more they succeed.


What is Accelerated Reader?

Accelerated Reader is a tool for monitoring and managing independent reading practice whereby learners read books specifically bought in by the school that are a part of the programme. They start off by taking a screening test which generates their reading age; this then gives them a guide of which books they can read that will be suitable for them and their ability. Once they have read their book they complete a quiz and this tests them on their knowledge and understanding of what they have read. If they pass, they can move up a level and if not they remain at the same level in order to be able to master the level before moving on. The learners are able to monitor their own progress as they know which levels books they are reading.

The progress of learners is mapped by the teacher and they can monitor how many books learners have read, how much progress they have made and where they might need assistance in their reading.


Accelerated Reader Lessons

Learners in Key Stage 3 will complete an hour of Accelerated Reader per week as part of their Core or English provision. During this time, there is the opportunity to read books at the correct level, complete quizzes on books they have read, receive rewards and certificates, be entered in to prize draws and log their progress in their Reading Records. The learners will also have the opportunity to talk about their books, why they are enjoying them and complete tasks in order to receive their certificates for reading. In addition, they will be able to see their areas for improvement on an individualised report which shows what they need to be doing in order to move up the levels in their reading more quickly.


Home Connect

There is a monitoring tool for parents and carers to use and the details of these are sent home with learners in the first few weeks of the year. It includes log in details in order for parents/carers to be able see what learners are reading and how they are doing on their quizzes they are completing so that support and encouragement can be offered at home.


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