At KS3 learners are exposed to a variety of artists and designers work as starting points for their own creativity.  There is a strong focus on skills and media handling but we are very keen that learners are comfortable with the idea that art is a journey, not a destination.

Term 1, 2 & 3
Key Learning Objectives Develop ideas through investigations focusing on Alison Willoughby’s works and imagery around the school.

Refine work and skills by exploring surface design patterns through stitch, print and heat processes. Record different ideas, visually and with annotations as work progresses. Present personal and skilful textile surface pattern work in response to all your investigations.

Key Activities / Homework To explore surface design through looking at the work of Alison Willoughby, your environment and textiles techniques.

Homework: Week 1

Complete a fact file on Alison Willoughby

Week 2

Complete fact file on ONE artist/designer (from the list provided, you may use the template provided if you wish)

Week 3 and beyond

Produce a 3D interpretation of your artist/designer…

Suggest reading & support materials http://www.robinandluciennedayfoundation.org/